1.05 "Episode 5" Iain B. MacDonald Adrian Hodges 16 December 2008 5.62
Suspicions are aroused when visionary spiritual leader John turns up mysteriously at the community's door with his ragged group of disciples. When Abby allows Linda, a pregnant woman from John's group, to stay with them until the baby is born, Anya
Survivors 4
fears that she will be forced to reveal that she is a doctor. After facing her personal demons, particularly over the death of Jenny Collins, she goes on to successfully deliver a breech birth. She becomes concerned for the group's safety after John becomes increasingly erratic. John proves to be a paranoid schizophrenic. In the research facility, the scientists there discover Abby's video message and find out she contracted the virus but still survived.
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Series One Episode Four
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Series One Episode Six

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